Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Blog is a Blog is a Blog (but not really) Plus...

It seems like I have forgotten you, old blog. I am sorry that I have neglected you so long. But I have found a new blog and it means more to me , I guess. It is my buisness blog so I feel more justified in working on IT than on you. In fact I have been posting every weekday for awhile and I guess it is where my heart is.

OK I was just watching The Wizard of OZ on TNT. In all the years I have been watching this show I noticed something new tonight. Everyone knows that the movie changes to color when she arrives in OZ. But I never realized till tonight that it was not in Black and White at the beginning. It was in sepia. More like brown and golden tones. Looks very pre-dream and old school. Love it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Blog Link

Hey everybody, hope everyone is well as autumn is right here, right now. Now maybe I can think straight.

As I wrote in my last post, I am now starting on my own in my new photography business. This means I will be spending a lot more time on my business blog than on here. So here is the link to that.

I have learned so much about the technology of internet and computer workings. So I figured out the link thingy, which has always been there but which I did not see, (because I didn't look.)

Anyway now that I figured that out I am putting the link to my graphic designer, Erin. She is the artist that created my logo. You'll love what you see there.

And I can't do a post without a picture so here is a pic from a session I did in the studio with my kids. More pics on my biz blog.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

janet g. andersen photography

Many people have been busy helping me this past summer as I have been working on my new business. Erin Stailey Williams has created my darling new blog. Here it is, please honk if you love it like me!!

OK I have been offline for months. But I have been working. I have been gearing up and searching and researching in order to get my new business up and running. And here we go, announcing my new photography biz. Check out my website and new biz blog.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite, THE Anchorman

I heard the news this evening that Walter Cronkite passed away. He was 92. He was the Anchor of the CBS Evening News for over 20 years, my formative years. That was in the day when there were ONLY 4 TV stations and only 3 of them had news. He was a huge part of my life. I grew up watching him on television. I remember seeing him on the day Pres. Kennedy was killed and somehow he comforted me with his soothing voice. In 1968 when I was just 14 years old I watched him try to explain the deaths of Martin Luther King and then Robert Kennedy just over a month later. That same year was the Democratic National Convention in Chicago with riots in the streets and anti-war demonstrations. They were days of darkness in our country where confusion was always prevalent. But so was Walter, nightly, telling the days events. I think I needed him at that time, we needed him because he had such a calming nature. And every now and then you'd see his sense of humor and humanity. On July 20, 1969 I watched the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon. I watched those scratchy black and white images but I recall hearing HIS voice explaining the whole thing and I heard real emotion in him
that day. He, also introduced me to the Beatles as they arrived in the US for the first time. And through his vision I watched the presidential elections from Kennedy to Reagan. I have so many videos in my mind of the 20 years that Walter Cronkite told me the news of the day, each day. It's so strange to remember back on the events, world events of my lifetime. He had such a remarkable voice with a sure, even cadence. But every now and then he would emphasize the first syllable of a word. I used to listen intently, just waiting to hear which word he would put the emphasis on. I just loved hearing him talk. To me he was the black and white man with a friendly mustache. And because he looked like my Uncle Dee, I felt that Walter Cronkite was a relative, too. He was family and now he is gone as so many of my family has gone before me. But it is OK because as long as these memories stay with me, he will, too. And now, as Walter would say, "Good night."


Monday, July 13, 2009

Travelin, Travelin', Travelin', Travelin' Through

'Lest my title fills your mind with dread-locks and the lilting voice of days gone by, I will just tell you I am on a trip to TEXAS. Thought you might like to know how my first days went.
My trip, unfortunately, coincided with the birth of Hilary's niece, Riley. This meant, I thought, I would not be able to see Hilary, Jason and Ivy. I was wrong. I did see them, SORT OF. Like two ships passing in the night, (desert.) Hilary and I were in touch by phone, as you might have guessed. Around Wilcox we spotted one another and I, being camera-ready, snapped this shot.
Rd to lajitas6
Went through Las Cruces anyway. Even spent the night there.
Rd to Lajitas5
Then I traveled down to my Mom's home town, Marfa, Texas to meet Clint. I showed him my grandmother's grave before we left there.
We drove through Presidio and then on a winding, hilly, beautiful but nauseating road to Lajitas. Clint had to stop for me a few times for my sick tummy. But driving along the Rio Grande was quite gorgeous, which I noticed, despite my innards!.
Rd to Lajitas4
Rd to lajitas2
There's Clint up there driving behind me. It was so pretty, but that sun was beating down hard!
Rd to lajitas3
We made it safely to Lajitas late in the afternoon. I will post more on the resort here later this week. So far I have seen that the skies are blue, the clouds are puffy and white, the mountains are green, the earth is brown, it's dry and it is HOT, very HOT! Oh and the rivers are muddy. There is so much to see around here because after all, it's a BIG COUNTRY. It's TEXAS.

Monday, June 29, 2009

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a Spectacular Party"

group color
Tonks colorbellatrixPhotobucket

death eater w/o mask
food table
slug club sliders
What a night, June 19, 2009. Our 5th Harry Potter Party. And, I might add, the best one ever!! Girls, your costumes were spectacular, classes were so much fun and the food was excellent. Every bruise during Quidditch was worth the efforts made, too. And the screams of terror as Voldemort arrived unexpectedly will forever be memorable. Thanks to Professors Bellatrix(Ashlee) and Serius(Jenny) for that( and William) Much thanks, also, for the Veritus Serum and the You-Know Poo brought to us by way of Weasly Wizzard Wheezes. Our Potions class, by Professor Pavarti Patil(Heidi), was colorful and quite delicious, thanks. Professor Luna Lovegood(Harmony) brought us our second ever Jeapardy Class, as always a stage for, this years Tonks HP knowledge. However, both teams, The Defense Against the Dark Farts and the Sharts, were competitive to the last answer. And speaking of comptetive, the Quidditch match, organized by Professor Death Eater(Karen) was both exhilarating and bloody, just as it should be. Now that was great fun! Professor Tonks(Hilary) gave us our Lessons With Dumbledore memories as we discussed our favorite HP moments. And I, Professor Delores Umbridge, helped us all discover and conger up our Patrouses. Our food, which included Gilliweed Wraps, Molly's Peach Quibbler, Dragon Chunk Cookies, Slug Club Sliders, Troll Guts, Felix Felicis and Grawp Salad was to die for. Thanks to all Hogwarts professors for a rollicking night of laughter and memories. Let us not forget the muffins and juice for breakfast and Luna's sleepness night that really bugged her. Love to All!

The Middle of the Night

PhotobucketI went to bed, really tired last night at 9:30. Then a text woke me up. My body seems to think I got all of the rest I needed and won't let me go back to sleep. I literally laid in bed till 12:30 AM. So now I am up on the computer, reading all of your blogs and fighting a sleep deprived headache. You all do such a great job on your blogs! Where did the word B L O G come from? Was it from blah as in blah, blah, blah. Or should I just shut up and go to sleep? I will probably erase this in a couple of days for lack of content but in the meantime I will call it therapy. But I will get out of bed in the morning at 5:40, get ready and go for a walk, sleep or no sleep. Just so's you all know, I just had a post a picture, ( I am a photographer and not a writer, so a photo was appropriate,) before I published and I chose this one for its CONTENT! Note the time this thing was posted folks!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Utah Fruit

I spent my formative years in northern Utah in a beautiful valley named Cache. I have memories of the colorful summers filled with gorgeous gardens filled with fresh, home grown vegetables and fruits. In the late summer we would travel over the mountain through Sardine Canyon to the fruit orchards scattered along the base of the Wasatch Front.. There we would pick juicy, ripe peaches and apricots. Cherries were in abundance in all varieties and colors from white to dark, dark red/black. Apples ripened a little later in the year, were so fragrant and the noises they made when we bit into them would challenge the finest Dolby Digital Sound systems. I seldom go to Utah in the late summer and early fall these days. So I had to create my own homage to the cherry tree. It may lack everything in taste and sight but to me this image represents, in my mind, figuratively, the long lost days of years past when our family would enjoy the fruits of others labors.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Introducing Heidi Crandall Catering

Last weekend we had our first, of many, Ashlland Photography Workshops. Students attended from all over the valley. We had a wonderful time and, hopefully, sent all away with a fresh awareness of their cameras and desires to enjoy the world around them. Photography fills all of our senses, if we create it properly. One sense we were wise to fill was created by Heidi Crandall Catering. She served up some delicious food that satisfied everyone. Thanks Heidi, we look forward to more from Heidi's food as we have more workshops.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Window Model

I had learned a new setting on my camera and I needed a model to test it out. So I picked one of the most professional I know. She's thoughtful and steady and takes direction so well. I can count on her to be patient with me during my light changing and camera setting time. She is an amazing little model and I love working with her. Her name is Schmeegs and she is HIGH FASHION! Thanks Schmeegs!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question"

I was just spending some time on this Sunday morning going through my kids blogs and some of my friends, too. What a great invention these blogs are. I get to read the latest in all of your lives in the way YOU, we all, individually wish to express them. I love pictures, so I appreciate you putting them up and I love reading about all of your latest triumphs and even down times. It's our new modern and convenient form of communication and it WORKS. It's a good thing, a great thing and I love it. Thanks to all of you for putting your time into your family, food and even business blogs. We all have the choice to read them, or not, but we do.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Music, THE Great World Communicator!!!

I recommend everyone view this or something like it everyday. Lifts the spirits!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ode to a Hobbit

Our first child, Joey was born, April 13, 1976.  We knew he would be an extraordinary young man because he was an extraordinary child.  Inquisitive, creative, humorous, intelligent and friendly.  He has built on those early childhood traits through these 33 years.  He is our walking encyclopedia.  If I want to know about something that is difficult to understand, I call Joe.  If I have read something with wit and wisdom, I share it with Joe.  One of the things, I, as his mother love about him is that he finds the lessons in EVERYTHING.  He loves and respects BOTH Homer's because he finds wisdom in the ancients as well as the pop culture he studies and enjoys.  Tolkien and Lewis never had a more avid student than C. Joe Andersen.  He has a love of the Lord and His scriptures and adores the family that he has been blessed with.   And we love him for making the world a better place and showing us how beautiful it can be through his eyes.  I also love that he goes out of his way to see BOTH sides of an issue or point of view.    And though he has won numerous awards for his creativity and intellect I think he'd rather live in in a hole in the ground.  "Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole...but a hobbit-hole and that means comfort."  Because, Joe, that is what we feel from you, comfort.  Happy Birthday, Joey!  We love you!  Love, Mom and Dad. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tasting the Past

When family is in town it is time to party.  I remember this meal from my childhood when we used to visit our friends, the Robinson's.   Ivan & Anita lived in California with their kids LaRee, Sharon and Glenn.   I remember Anita's vivacious beauty, she was like a flash of light.  And Ivan was a gentle man that was comfortable to be around.  The kids were a blast and I recall lots of laughter with them.  We loved visiting them and I remember the BBQ'd meals we would have.  I think Anita made London Broil or it might have been brisket.  Then she would make these potatoes with onions and TONS of butter.  Oh, YUM!  The aroma was incredible as we turned onto their street and drove up the hill.  I have tried to recreate the meal the best I could and it is pretty darn good.  But I don't think one can really return to the past with the pallet.  But I can sure try.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Irish Dreams

I had a dream about Ireland last night.  It was green, very green.  I like green, (greenbacks,)  And if I can't get some of those from the bank or for all those people that owe me millions, then I have an idea.  I'll just look back at all of these images I took of Ireland on my trip there last October.  It's coming up on 6 months since I was there and I still haven't gone through and saved all of the pictures I took.  I know, I know, I got a little carried away with the camera.  But it was my first trip outside of the country.  I figure that as long as I have my memory and these images of that gorgeous green country, then I can re-live the trip.  The trip of a lifetime.  I can always dream about it, too.  Thanks McFarland's! 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Brett's Baptism Photo Session

It's Birthday time for Brett(8) Here's a sneak preview of the photo session.  We're so very proud of our oldest grandson.  He is a responsible, honorable, loving, kind, handsome, bright, witty and righteous young man.  He's a wonderful son, brother, nephew and grandson.  We love you Brett.  Happy Birthday!!! Love, Nana & Grandpa Clint