Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Blog is a Blog is a Blog (but not really) Plus...

It seems like I have forgotten you, old blog. I am sorry that I have neglected you so long. But I have found a new blog and it means more to me , I guess. It is my buisness blog so I feel more justified in working on IT than on you. In fact I have been posting every weekday for awhile and I guess it is where my heart is.

OK I was just watching The Wizard of OZ on TNT. In all the years I have been watching this show I noticed something new tonight. Everyone knows that the movie changes to color when she arrives in OZ. But I never realized till tonight that it was not in Black and White at the beginning. It was in sepia. More like brown and golden tones. Looks very pre-dream and old school. Love it.

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